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Demo contest - "Run trader run"

11 July 2016
Dear Clients and Partners,

Please, be informed that we have launched our Demo contest, named “Run Trader Run” with real money prizes. Take part in this competition and win money. The contest is conducted on the ongoing basis (Mon-Fri). First ten winners will share the prize fund and will get money!

The prize is the property of the winner. You may decide whether to withdraw it or to invest it in your trading account!

We have created a special rating with detailed stats on each participant allowing you to follow their trading activities.

Terms And Conditions of the Contest:

Initial Deposit – 10 000 USD
Leverage – 1:100
Stop level – 100%
Trading with advisors – Allowed
Duration – 5 days

The more participants the more prize money!

The prize fund is formed in the following proportions:
Every participant pays 5USD fee. Adamant Finance adds 30% to the total amount.


There are 100 participants.
The participant’s fee is 5USD
Adamant Finance adds 30% to the total amount.

100 x 5USD = 500 + 30% = 650USD - in this case the prize fund is 650USD

We wish you successful trading and wins!

Best regards,
Adamant Finance

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