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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2017!

21 December 2016
Dear clients,

Adamant finance Team thanks you for being with us in 2016 and believes that 2017 will be even more successful and will bring you more profit in Forex trading. We will do all our best to make our cooperation fruitful and beneficial.

We would like to share all our achievements with you in order to summarise our activities during 2016:

1. The number of new traders who joined Adamant Finance reached 21497.

2. The number of all accounts exceeded 65000. The number of new accounts grows exponentially which is a good sign.

3. We have significantly enriched our geography. We offer services to clients from 53 countries and we still have space to progress.

4. Adamant Finance and his official representatives opened more than 200 new subjects on different websites. You may ask your questions to our representatives on every forum you like.

5. You can find our daily analytics on popular websites. We have launched video market reviews, which are more and more popular among traders.

6. The number of those who benefited from Welcome Bonus exceeded all our expectations and almost reached 16557. The number of those who earned money is 4317.

7. Here are the top 3 most significant withdrawals for 2016:

  • 235 000 $ (UK)
  • 203 500 $ (DE)
  • 100 000 $ (US)

8. Total volume of all withdrawals with bonus is 107 925$. We would like to congratulate all those traders who had an opportunity to enjoy our services, orders execution as well as to earn money!

Marry christmas.png

We could announce our future projects in this brief report. However, we prefer to do more and to talk less. We have some projects aiming to further improve our services as well as to introduce new tools. We also aspire to create even more Bonus programmes and campaigns for our clients. Let’s make it real together!

Adamant Finance Team wishes you successful and profitable New Year! We work for you!

Adamant Finance Team

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