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Payment system CashU - is now available

22 September 2016
Dear Clients,

CashU is a famous payment system which is popular in the Middle East countries. It was established by Yahoo. The official website works on both English and Arabic. CashU is accepted in many online retail shops.  There is no commission to open an account. However, there is a yearly 1USD commission for using payment system.

The main advantage of the system is that it offers fixed payments in national currencies when you credit your account fr om other payment systems. There is a list of 20 payment systems from which you may deposit money into your CashU account. There is also a possibility to deposit your CashU account from credit or debit cards (with 3% commission).

There is no withdrawal option. However, you may order a MAJD card to use your CashU money in the countries wh ere there is no possibility to work with this payment system.

All operations are made with 0 commission. MAJD card is completely free. To reorder this card you have to pay 2USD. In order to charge back you are to pay 5USD.

Best regards,
Adamant Finance

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