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Most asking questions

On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our partner program. In case you cannot find your answer here, please contact our technical support.


  • 1. What is a partner ID?
    A partner ID is a unique code, that helps our system identify clients, who have reached our web page through your link, banner or other channel. When a client registers and an account is opened, that client will be linked to a specific partner ID and every time that client conducts a transaction, a commission will be paid to you.

    The partner ID is reflected on the referral link -
  • 2. What is a referral link?
    A referral link is a link, that takes one to the Adamant Finance homepage and includes the partner ID. If a client uses that link to get to the page, then that client will be linked to a specific partner account.

    The referral link is also included in other ad carriers, such as banners and informers, which you can use to attract clients..
  • 3. When is the commission paid to partners?
    Commissions and bonuses will be paid to the partner account automatically, according to the trading activity of specific clients. These sums may be transfered out of the system or used for trading.

    In order to transfer resources out of your account, you need to fill out the form titled "payouts" in the trader's cabinet. The following conditions apply to clients:

    - Minimum payout is 10 USD
    - Payouts are conducted between the 10 and the 15 of every month
  • 4. Forbidden solutions for attracting clients
    Since every partner is a representative of Adamant Markets and can thereby influence the reputation of our company, there are certain restrictions, that apply to attracting clients.

    Forbidden methods include:

    - Spam
    - Use of immoral websites (such as pornographic websites)
    - Use of false information to attract clients
    - Use of hidden links

    If you aren't sure about the legitimacy of your advertisement, then contact us for consultation!
  • 5. Which methods may I use to attract clients?
    Adamant Finance recommends using the following methods:

    Referral link (you can use it in forums, social networks, your own website, or share it with your acquaintances directly

    - Banners
    - Informers, which provide variety and interactivity to your website
    - Articles with our links

    In order to attract a larger number of clients, you can use blogs, forums or your personal web page

    Different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) are especially effective
  • 6. For how long are cookies stored?
    Cookies are stored in the client's system for 30 days from the moment he/she uses the partner's link

    Unless the client deliberately deletes cookies from his/her browser, the point of time at which he/she opens an account is irrelevant for attaching him/her to the partner ID