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Unique self-changing promotional materials enable to attract the maximum amount of clients. Our partner's cabinet does all the work for you!

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Intelligent technology for displaying ads!

One advertisement block – many different carriers!

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  Views Hits Accounts open Conversion
Banner 1
100 10 1
Banner 2
100 6 3
*Conversion – an indicator, that provides an overview of how much of the desired outcome has been achieved (calculated according to the formula clicks/accounts=conversion)
Displaying advertisement carriers according to the highest performance
Banner 2
75 views Number of views according to conversion!
Banner 1
Ad carriers

Two different settings for displaying ad carriers!

Several different banners and teaserzooms alternate constantly in one advertisement block.
Ads are displayed automatically, according to which banner or teaserzoom attracts more clients.
Displaying one particular banner or teaserzoom in one advertisement block.
You can choose between many banners and teaserzooms yourself.

Sizes: 468 х 60; 428 х 60; 990 х 90; 728 х 90; 40 х 400; 200 х 300; 160 х 600
Formats: “.fla ”.gif “.jpg

Detailed statistics on attracting clients makes possible thorough analysis required to improve results!


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  • All open accounts
  • Separate accounts
  • Active accounts
  • Average deposit
  • Commission for each account

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  • Shows
  • Defections
  • Statistics for every ad carrier
  • Clients according to countries
  • Statistics about age
  • Origins of defections
The partnership programme is convenient and doesn't require any financial investments. All you have to do is place our advertisement on your homepage, blog, forum, or display it in social media.