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The FAQ page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the company, the terms of trade and financial operations. If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact our customer support in a manner convenient to you!

  1. General questions
  2. Trader's cabinet
  3. Financial operations
  • 1. How to install the trading terminal?
    1. Download the trading terminal Adamant MT4 to your computer

    2. Run the downloaded file Mt_4_Adamant Finance.exe and begin installation

    3. Follow all instructions

    4. After a successful installation, an icon depicting our logo (Adamant Finance) should appear on your desktop
  • 2. How to open a demo account?
    1. Download the trading terminal

    2. Run the trading terminal by double clicking on the icon

    3. Fill out all forms

    Attention! Please enter correct information about yourself, so that we could promptly take care of any problems and questions that might arise in the future!

    4. Once you've filled out the registration form, please check the box titled "I'm willing to receive news by e-mail" and click Next!

    5. In the window titled "Trading servers" choose the server AdamantFinance-Demo and click Next!

    Attention! The investor's password has limited uses and trading is not among them. The investor's password enables to observe the trader's activity.
  • 3. How to conduct transactions in the terminal?
    Conducting transactions

    market watch.png

    In the sector titled "Market Survey" you will find an overview of all trading instruments available for trade. By double clicking on an instrument, you can open a new window with options to Buy and Sell. The current market price Bid and Ask is also displayed in this window.
  • 4. Where do I see my open transactions?
    All your open transactions are visible at the lower end of your terminal. Every transaction has its own unique serial number, opening time, type of transaction (Buy or Sell), size of transaction, symbol, opening price, S/L, T/P, current price, swap and profit.

    Ordera window.png

    Order – unique serial number of the transaction
    Time – time of the transaction
    Type of transaction – Buy or Sell of the financial instrument
    Symbol – financial instrument
    Price (1) – opening price of the transaction
    S/L – Stop Loss (the price level, at which the transaction is closed, hedging)
    T/P – Take Profit (the price level, at which the transaction is closed, profit fixation)
    Price (2) – current market price
    Swap – the fee for transfering the position to the next trading day. The fee is based on the difference between the interest rates of the currency pair and is added to or taken from the trader's account if the transaction remains open overnight.
    Profit – current profit/loss (not fixed)

    All open positions are also reflected in the trader's cabinet.
  • 5. What is leverage?
    Leverage – the ratio between the collateral of the transaction and the financial resources used for the transaction (1:100, 1:200, 1:500). A leverage of 1:100 means that in order to open a 100 000 USD transaction, one needs to own 100 times less resources at the broker than the actual volume of the transaction dictates.

    If you buy 1 lot USDCHF, then at a leverage of 1:100 the collateral needs to be 1000 USD, at 1:200 it needs to be 500 USD and at 1:500 it needs to be 200 USD, but the pip value doesn't change.
  • 6. How to calculate the size of the collateral?
    Direct currency pairs (EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD). Since the volume of the transaction is displayed in the base currency, one must multiply it by the opening exchange rate, in order to find out what the volume is in dollars.

    Opening price of the transaction (EUR/USD buy) – 1.3490.
    At a leverage of 1:100 or 1:200
    1lot * 100 000EUR /100 = 1000 EUR,
    1000 * 1.3490 = 1349 USD1lot * 100 000EUR /200 = 500 EUR,
    500 * 1.3490 = 674.5 USD

    To calculate the collateral at a different volume of transaction, 1 lot has to be replaced in the formula by the necessary size of transaction.
  • 7. Formulae for calculating collateral and profit
    Collateral formula: volume * size of transaction / leverage
    Profit formula: (closing price – opening price) * size of transaction * volume

    Volume – number of lots (0.01 minimum)
    Size of transaction – equal to 100 000 base currency for all currencies
    Closing price – selling price
    Opening price – buying price
    Leverage – multiplier of personal resources (1:50, 1:100, 1:200)
  • 8. How to calculate pip value?
    Direct pairs (EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD). Pip value – 10 USD for 1.0 lot. 100 000 * 0.0001*1 lot = 10 USD100 000 * 0.0001*0.1 lot = 1USD

    Cross pairs (all currency pairs starting with USD: USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/DKK etc.)

    In order to convert to dollars, one needs to divide by the exchange rate at which the transaction was closed. This means that if a sell was made, the ASK rate must be used, but if a buy was made, then the BID rate.

    USD/CHF 100 000*0.0001*1 lot = 10 CHF. 10CHF/1.0225 = 9.78USD.

    USD/JPY 100 000*0.01*1 lot = 1000 JPY. 1000JPY/88.46 = 11.3USD
  • 9. What is short/long?
    "Long" position – the buying position of the financial instrument. If the trader is hoping that the price will go up in the future, then he/she is planning to sell the instrument he/she has bought at a higher price and make a profit from the difference. "Short" – selling a currency or some other financial instrument, hoping that its price will begin to fall. The opposite transaction to "long".
  • 10. The terminal isn't displaying all currency pairs
    When you open a new trading terminal, it will have default settings. If your terminal is only displaying some of the currency pairs, right click on the financial instruments window and choose "Show All". That should renew the list of trading instruments.

  • 11. Does this company have any restrictions on trading?
    We have no restrictions on trading. We allow scalping (holding positions for a couple of seconds) and also trading robots. There are no restrictions on taking out profits either.
  • 12. How to change my current leverage?

    In order to change your leverage, please be so kind to send us a message via email indicating you trading account number and a leverage that you want to establish.

  • 13. Can I withdraw my profit from a bonus account?
    Any profit from a bonus account is available for withdrawal after you have fulfilled all the requirements of the bonus campaign
  • 14. What is a bonus account? Is this money real or not?

    Welcome Account is a real account which is totally similar to the Market Prime account according to its conditions.

  • 15. How to get a bonus? Is this campaign is still valid?

    In order to get a 50 USD bonus, please be so kind to open a Welcome account on our website. To do this, please, create your profile in the dashboard. Go to “Open Account”, choose “Welcome Account” and fill in a special form. You will get your bonus automatically after you create this account. Information about you current account balance and your trading statistics is available at “Welcome account”. Traders can follow their results and see their progress in bonus programme completion.

  • 16. How to understand whether I have complete all Bonus programme conditions?

    You can find all the necessary information within your trader’s dashboard. In order to see this data, please, enter your account, open “Ma Accounts” – “Welcome Account”. Here you can find all necessary information on your bonus trading account balance as well as all necessary statistics on your trading activities. You are able to follow your progress in Bonus programme completion on your own.

  • 17. Can I transfer my profit from Welcome account to any other real account of mine?

    You can both withdraw your profit or transfer it to another real account and continue trading activities without any restrictions. Maximum amount for such transfers is 25USD. Those operations (profit withdrawal or transfer to another account) are available just one time. We recommend opening our Classic account in order to continue trading with your bonus 25USD in consideration of our trading account requirements. However you are free to deposit a necessary amount and continue trading on MarketPro or Market Prime accounts.

  • 18. What will happen to the remaining profit on my bonus account and to the bonus account itself after I meet all requirements of the bonus programme and withdraw my profit?

    The remaining profit will be canceled and the account itself will be closed. You may withdraw your profit or transfer it to another account just one time.

  • 19. How long does it take to verify my account? Why my account is still unverified?

    Verification procedure takes about 24 Hours. However, it can last for 2-3 days in some cases. In order to verify your account you need to send us an application via your trading dashboard. In order to do this, please be so kind to enter your account, press on your name and fill in all the fields, upload your photo (should contain your face and your ID document, should be done in front of your monitor with your Adamant Finance trading panel). Image size should be equal or lower than 2Mb.

    Adamant Finance Security Service may ask you for additional id documents’ copies (with high quality) and confirm your place of residence. All additional documents should be sent at

  • 20. I have no passport, may I send to you my ID or driver license or any other document for verification?

    You may send to us passport, ID or driver license. If your copy is bad and it hard to read it, please, be so kind to send us another high quality copy of your document at

  • 21. My position was closed but the price did not reach Stop Loss level. Why did this happen?

    You may see on the chart that the price did not reach your Stop Loss level. However, positions are closed according to the Ask price which is no shown on the MT4 chart.

    Sell orders are closed according to Ask price Buy orders are closed according to Bid price

    Short trades are opened according to Bid Price Long trades are opened according to Ask price

  • 22. Why does spread is so large?

    Many Forex brokers used to offer quotes with 4 figures after comma. In this case if the currency pair’s price changes from 1,2360 to 1,2365, this move is equal to 5 pips. Adamant Finance offers 5 figures after comma. It means that instead of 1,2360 we have 1,23600. The above-mentioned change will be 50 pips instead of 5 pips.

  • 23. I can not enter my trader’s panel/trading platform

    Please, be so kind to verify your Internet connection and the data you use to enter your dashboard (account number and password). Try to reload your trading platform. If you have forgotten your password, please, be so kind to send us a message at Describe your situation and indicate your account number.

    In order to enter your trader’s panel, use your email address and your password. If you have lost your password, you can get a new one. In order to receive a new password, please, visit our website and click on “Trader’s room” – “Lost password?” – “Retrieve Password”. Input your email and a captcha on the image. You will be sent a special confirmation message. Please, be so kind to click on a link and enter a new password.

  • 24. What is you server’s IP address and how to write its name correctly?

    Real accounts server is AdamantFinance-Real, IP address is

    Demo account sever name is AdamantFinance-Demo, IP address is

  • 25. How to find you via mobile or tablet?

    In order to trade with Adamant Finance via mobile platform, please, be so kind to download MT4 to your mobile phone or tablet and then find our server AdamantFinance-Real (for real account) or AdamantFinance-Demo (for demo accounts) and enter your account’s data (account number and password).

  • 26. How to open a real account?
    In order to open a real Forex account, you need to register at the trader's cabinet and go through the necessary procedures.
  • 27. How to change the base currency?
    That cannot be done.
  • 28. How to change the leverage?
    That cannot be done on a demo account, but it is possible on a real account.

    In order to change the leverage, make sure that all transactions on your trading account are closed, including future transactions. Then contact our technical support
  • 29. How to change the password of the trading account?
    Changing the password of the trading account is possible on the trading platform MetaTrader 4.

    Service --> Settings --> (additional page) Server --> Change password
  • 30. How long will my account remain active?
    We don't have a time limit on the validity of the account (neither on the demo account nor the real account), so don't worry about your account being closed.
  • 31. What is the size of the minimum deposit?
    The minimum deposit on different types of accounts:

    Classic: 1 USD or 1 EUR
    Market Pro: 125 USD or 125 EUR
    Market Prime: 250 USD or 250 EUR
  • 32. What kind of payment methods are available for transfering money to the account?
    You can use different payment methods to transfer money to the account. Money can be transfered through a bank or by using different electronic payment methods. Find out more on the page "Financial transactions".
  • 33. How to withdraw money from the account?
    In order to withdraw money from the account, go to the Trader's cabinet and find the page For trader – financial operations – withdrawal. Choose the account from which you wish to make the withdrawal and fill out all the necessary forms.
  • 34. Can I deposit cash to my account?
    No, you can't. All financial operations must be conducted through a bank or other available electronic payment methods.
  • 35. What is the commission for withdrawal?
    Adamant Finance has no additional commission, however your bank or your electronic payment method might. Familiarise yourself with these fees on their respective web pages.
  • 36. How long does it take to withdraw money?
    Withdrawal might take from instantly to 1 to 3 days. If the money hasn't arrived in that time, be sure to contact us. Withdrawals from partner accounts take place from the 10th to the 15th of every month. Withdrawals from contest accounts might take up to 30 working days.
  • 37. How long does it take until the money arrives on my account?
    If the transaction took place during a working day, then it should reach your account within an hour. Otherwise it might take up to 24 hours. If your money hasn't reached you in that time, be sure to contact us.
  • 38. Is the money made on the Forex market taxed?
    Adamant Finance doesn't impose any taxes on income, but the trader should be aware of the taxes in his/her country, to know whether and how income from financial trading is taxed there.
  • 39. Where can bank details and details of other payment methods be found?
    All transactions are conducted using the details specified in the "Trader's cabinet". Information on different payment solutions can be found on the page "Financial transactions".
  • 40. How to transfer money from one account to another?
    All monetary transactions are carried out in the Client's office!
  • 41. How to change the leverage on a trading account?
    In order to change (increase or decrease) the leverage on your trading account, you should contact our technical support at or an online consultant.