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Learning How open forex transaction

How to conduct transactions?

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular and widely used trading platform in the world. This software is used by millions of traders all over the world. It's a very simple and user-friendly tool, that meets all standards of quality.

Now let's look at how to conduct transactions on the Forex market, using this platform.

First we need to download the terminal to the computer and configure it. Before you can start, make sure that you've opened a trading account (real or demo) and that you have a username and password.

Working with the terminal

Make sure that you've opened the terminal and that you are logged in. The picture below shows what it looks like.

  • On the left side you can see all the instruments that you can buy and sell. Make sure all the currency pairs (trading instruments) are visible in the list.
  • On the right side the price graph (and history) and current price (middle horizontal line) are displayed. Make sure that the graph is working and that the prices are changing.

Open transactions

1. Step one – conducting a transaction

Right click on the instrument of your choice at the left side of the terminal (market overview)

2. Step two – confirming a transaction

Let's check the data in the window that has opened (we are interested in the symbol and the volume of transaction), then let's click on Sell by Market or Buy by Market

The fields explained

Symbol – currency pair (trading instrument)
Volume –
the size of the transaction in lots
Comment –
reason for conducting transaction (for example: news, strategy, etc.)
Type –
Market Execution or future transaction at a specified price level

- Sell
- Buy

3. Step three – observing the transaction

Once you've conducted a transaction, it will be displayed in the bottom left section of the terminal (Trading). You will have a realtime overview of the changes and the profit. Once the market price changes, your profit will automatically change as well. You can change the parameters of the transaction, close it, set a stop loss or a take profit.

This is the most common way of conducting a transaction. If you're interested in opening transactions with just one click, additional information can be found here.